Step into the world of bespoke elegance at Cedric Burnel,
where every shoe tells a unique story tailored exclusively for you

Discover Unparalleled craftsmanship cedric burnel store view

Discover Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Cedric Burnel is more than a store; it’s a haven for those who appreciate distinctiveness in footwear. We specialize in crafting custom-made shoes for the modern gentleman who seeks unparalleled quality and individuality in every step.

Our Services

Ready to Wear

Discover effortless style with our ready-to-wear shoes. From casual to chic, our curated collection ensures comfort meets fashion. Elevate your everyday look with ease.

Bespoke Design Tailored to You

Immerse yourself in the art of customization as we guide you through the creation of your dream shoes. From selecting the finest materials to refining every detail of the design, our process ensures that each pair reflects your style, personality, and precise measurements

Unrivaled Maintenance and Care

Our dedication doesn’t end with the creation of your shoes. We believe in preserving their beauty for years to come. Entrust us with the meticulous care and maintenance of your bespoke footwear, bags and luxury leather goods, utilizing the most refined techniques and exclusive products sourced globally

Experiences in Craftsmanship

Experience firsthand the magic behind our creations at Cedric Burnel. Our trunk shows and presentations offer an exclusive opportunity to witness artisans at work, providing insight into the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our brand.

Contact Us

Confidential Rendezvous

At Cedric Burnel, we are ALWAYS available for personal fitting advice, 
and to help you navigate through the options.

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