Burnel Auctions

Every brand that Cédric Burnel represents for private auction offers our members access to a wide range of products to enrich their luxurious lifestyle. From pristine vehicles, one-off items, art, and fine jewellery to exclusive custom-made perfumes, Burnel hand-selects all products in order to offer our clients world-class items with unmatched value.

By narrating meaningful and engaging stories, as well as fostering an emotional connection, our auctions will strive to educate Burnel members about the history and provenance of all auction items, with the certified guarantee that all items are 100% genuine.

Our Burnel Auctions will be held on pre-determined dates that will be announced online.

Each auction will be held in an unique location and a select amount of members can also attend the auction upon invitation only, all other members will also have access to our auctions by participating through our online live auction/livestream platform.

At Burnel, we stand at the ready to assist you in finding the most exclusive products from a wide range of brands, which will complement your lifestyle to the highest standards.

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