At Cédric Burnel, we have an unwavering passion for creating the most magnificent jewels for our clients, in collaboration with the world’s finest jewellers. Featuring only the most exceptional, hand-selected stones, our high jewellery collection harnesses the innate beauty of nature’s most exquisite creations.

No step is neglected, no shortcuts are taken—only perfection matters.

Cédric has access to the best of the global gem trade, including the younger generation of diamond dealers who have come to understand that the famed “four C’s” of diamond buying are not for everyone. He looks for stones that are full of character, with unique cuts, extraordinary colours, or simply a special glow that lets us know – this is the one. Like his designs, he wants his stones to be one of a kind.

We strive for perfection with every piece of jewellery. This is evident in our commitment to work with only the best materials. The diamonds set in our jewellery are of the highest quality, as are our precious stones. We work with only platinum and 18ct gold—other materials, like silver, do not meet our quality criteria to be made into jewellery.