In 1874 Piaget was founded in the place that remains our home to this day.
La Côte-aux-Fées is the place where the spirit of Piaget is explored, celebrated, and instilled into each piece crafted here. Since 1874, our craftsmen have been creating the calibers of our luxury watches, some as thin as 2.35mm, with the expert care and skill developed over years of practice. The ultra-thin has been the obsession of this manufacture, our watches demand mastery that must be developed over years of practice. Each movement can contain as many as 400 components, requiring meticulous finishing and using around 15 different techniques.

Ativador Office 2019

Creating without compromise is the key to why extravagance has become a signature of the Maison. Our artisans have complete freedom, combining our craftsmen’s watchmaking expertise with our jeweller’s mastery of gem-setting to make even the most daring ideas come to life. Watches and luxury jewellery take on new forms, blending the two and playing with materials to create dazzling pieces.

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